Fall 2020 is almost in the books! There were so many unexpected changes and issues this season, but we persevered! Vanishing fields, dropping players, retiring coaches, missing uniforms, oh and COVID couldn’t keep us down!

There are so many to thank for the successful execution of this season!

To the parents…thank you for trusting us with your kids in scary times. Thank you for adjusting with us, communicating well and following safety procedures.

To the team managers…thank you for volunteering your time in such a stressful season. You all went above and beyond the call of duty and the kids would not have been on the field without you.

To the coaches…thank you for you for taking on more teams than you would liked, doing what you do and giving these kids the fun they needed.

To PRCS and Evergreen Sportsplex…thank you for making sure our players had a place to call home this season and taking such good care of us!

And to the players… thank you for putting it all out there on the field every time and representing our Club so well!

What a great family! Go Revolution!