Academy (Rec)


What is Academy?

Academy is our better-than-Rec developmental program for 4 to 12 year old kids of all abilities. The program is built around developing strong technical skills by improving foot work, ball control, passing, scoring, coordination, agility, teamwork and confidence, all while having FUN!

How is it different from other local programs?

  • Academy is completely run by our staff. No parent volunteers required and no worrying about not having a coach!
  • All ages play games! How else do you show off what you’re learning?
  • The revolutionary 4 goal game system encourages players to expand their creativity and avoid the typical goaltending and player swarming tendencies.
  • Groups are based on ability rather than purely age and gender (i.e. co-ed), to assure all players have great experiences and develop as much as possible.
  • All ages of Academy practice at the same location and similar ages at the same time to make it easier for families and proper ability grouping.

Program Specifics

Ages: U5-U13 (2017-2009)

Dates: Early to Mid-April to Early June

Days and Times:

  • Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur practices
  • Saturday or Sunday games

Cost: $250 + $45 annual uniform kit

Location: Leesburg VA


Kristi Beckman
Kristi BeckmanDirector of Young Academy


The winter clinic offered through Revolution Soccer has been fantastic. My son’s foot skills are greatly improved, the drills have been exciting for the boys, and off-the-ball movement is noticeable. The balance of teamwork and self awareness has been a tremendous help in creating opportunities for individual and team growth. My son looks forward to every practice to learn and be with his teammates.
My 8 year old son took part in Niko and Hans’ Winter Clinic and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a great way for my son to keep up his soccer skills and fitness between the Fall and Spring seasons.  Both coaches are obviously very talented and know what they are doing. My son has been coached by Niko for several seasons in the past  – he loved being a part of Coach Niko’s team.  He is very good with the younger kids.  I liked the flexibility of the program – being able to choose one or two days per week fit with our families busy schedule
Our son participated in Coach Niko’s winter clinic and loved it. We were really impressed with his coaching style and encouragement of all the boys — regardless of their skill level — to develop and improve their skill set. His blend of professional expertise and infectious enthusiasm created a fun environment for the kids to thrive. Our son benefited greatly from each practice, made new friends, and got some energy out in the process.
Amber & Ben
The winter clinic you provided for my son was truly exceptional.  The format was fast-paced, engaging and the training activities were a perfect blend of technical and tactical.  My son’s soccer skills improved immensely.  I love the high level accountability that you drive with the kids, and you pull it off without any yelling or frustration – very impressive.  The kids quickly understood and executed everything you threw at them.  I’ve parented and coached soccer for the past 20 years and your clinic as the best I’ve ever seen.
Our son has always shown a high interest in soccer. After several years of searching for a quality training program to match his enthusiasm, we found one in the Virginia Revolution Soccer Club and their winter training program. Both coaches are highly skilled, patient and promote a positive environment for the kids. Classes are quick paced and fun, with focus on learning and maintaining proper footwork and skills. Students are given individualized attention when needed and positive reinforcement throughout the class. My son always looks forward to class and often asks if tonight is soccer practice night. Best of all, the class has taught him news skills that he can apply towards his spring leagues to make him a better, and more well-rounded player.
Virginia Revolution Soccer has been a bright light for my nine year old son.  For several reasons, we have never committed him to a full time sports program.  As a parent in Loudoun County you can almost feel like your child will be behind in skill sets even at the young age of nine.  Most children start before they even head into kindergarten in our area.  I knew my son had some skill and desire but I didn’t want to throw him immediately into a competitive environment before he built up some confidence in his ability.  Coach Niko was understanding of our situation from day one.  Both he and Coach Hans are talented and knowledgeable in both the sport and in coaching.  They are firm but flexible and laced with humor, the type of coach every kid should be able to have in their life if they truly love a sport.  I feel so lucky to have fumbled upon this great association for my kids.  I would recommend this program to anyone.  If you want a reasonable practice and game schedule with a supportive group of parents and professionals willing to tap into each child’s talents and individual skill sets, you can rest assured your child will come out with not only more skills but a greater sense of pride and a better grasp of sportsmanship and all the valuable life lessons you can gain from such a great team sport when it pairs with good coaching.  My sincerest thank you to Coach Niko and Coach Hans.  You have no idea the difference your program has made for our child in such a short amount of time.


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