Policies | VA Revolution Soccer Club


Club Registration Fees

Club Fees cover all practices at Revolution Sportsplex, League Fees, Ref Fees, State Association Fees, Coach Salary and Administrative Fees. Also included in these fees are twice weekly winter practices. We offer more field time and more turf time than other local programs.

Travel Team Fees

Not all teams are at the same competitive level. To minimize costs for some and maximize opportunities for others, team-based fees will be set by team.
These fees include tournament registrations, coach travel fees, and any non-club standard offering, and they will be outlined in the Placement Offer. New in Fall 2023, we will be introducing Track160 video analytics, and that will be included in team fees as well.

Uniform Fees

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 will be the second in a two-year uniform cycle. Only players that do not already have the Puma kids are required to purchase.


We understand circumstances change and injuries happen. Unfortunately for team continuity and budgeting purposes, we have to maintain a firm cancellation and refund policy.

Program Cancellation

If a program is cancelled in entirety or a team disbands, all player fees paid are 100% refundable.

Serious Injury or illness

Any player who incurs a serious injury or major illness diagnosis before the start of a season is eligible for a full refund only if a replacement is found. For injuries or diagnosis in a season, no refund is available.

Family Relocation

If a family relocates outside of Virginia prior to the start of a season, the player is eligible for a full refund only if a replacement is found.

Code of Conduct Violation

Repeated or serious code of conduct violations can result in a team placement being revoked. If this happens, there is no refund.

Financial Aid

As always, we are happy to provide qualified players with financial aid. All interested players will be required to submit a new application this year, regardless of status in previous years. Financial aid is available on a very limited basis and will be distributed to player based on family need, player ability and commitment.

If you require financial assistance you must complete the request form here, prior to offer acceptance. All returning players need to apply for financial assistance again, even if approved in previous years.

Code of Conduct

This one is so important it gets it’s own page! Please review our CODE OF CONDUCT HERE.

It is very important to review this document closely. Violations are grounds to be removed from the team.

Multi-Player Discounts

We understand the cost of multiple players in a Travel sport. To support our families with more than three club players, we offer a 10% discount on Club Fees for any players over three registered at full price.

High School Players

As a club, we value the experience that high school sport participation provides. We also know that not all high school teams are competitively equal, and that collegiate offers will likely come from Travel Tournaments and Showcases. Additionally, some states do not require students to play on both a Travel team and a high school team. We ask that you consult with the Club if you desire to explore high school play!

To accommodate those that choose to do both, we adjust our game schedules to be heavy-up on pre-season and post-season events. For productive training, we will combine practices with similar ages if needed.