Thank you to all our families that expressed understanding and support in our response to the Spring season cancellation credits. We are happy we could fully credit back the whole season for Academy and satisfied that the Club did what it could for Travel players. We know the ongoing unknowns continue to be top of mind for everyone as we look toward Fall, so we wanted to let you know we have outlined a COVID specific cancellation policy for next year to prevent a repeat.

For Academy, Rec and TOPSoccer, all fees will be 100% Refundable until the season has begun. After it begins, a credit will be offered prorated based on days of play on the field vs expected.

For Travel, it is more complicated as the commitment is larger as it extends from Fall Pre-Season to Spring League. As mentioned in previous emails, the Spring situation was abrupt and unprecedented, and no one expected the shutdown to last as long as it did. The primary costs we can control moving forward are tournament fees and coach pay. The former can hopefully be avoided by waiting until near deadline to register, passing on any events during questionable times and only participating in those with acceptable cancellation policies. Managing coach pay is more difficult as we want to support them in tough times, provide online content for those interested, and still respect the differential value that content delivers. The solution we have reached is to promptly suspend coach pay on any future shutdowns, and simultaneously open up opt-in virtual content with separate payment for those interested in participating or supporting their coaches. This will provide an opportunity for the content that many enjoyed, a revenue stream for our coaches until we can reopen, and a more substantial credit back should it be needed.

Below are the refundable portions and policies for Fall 2020- Spring 2021. 

  • Pre-Season – 100% Refundable (once begun the credit will be prorated based on days of play)
  • Fall/Spring Season – 80% Refundable (once begun the credit will be prorated based on weeks of play)
  • Fall/Spring Tourneys – 40+% Refundable (varies by situation)
  • Winter Programs – 100% Refundable (once begun the credit will be prorated based on weeks of play)

Also, with payments spread over 8 months, we will stop or cancel some installments if closures happen for longer than 3 weeks.

We had previously put a hold on sending and following up on Fall offers until we were prepared to answer all your questions and concerns about the significant commitment in unknown times. We will know resume doing so and hope we have proactively addressed some concerns!