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Creative. Collaborative. Competitive. Committed

At Virginia Revolution, the qualities and skills we develop and nurture on the soccer field mirror those respected and sought in our society. We develop these qualities using our innovative coaching techniques at all levels. We are unique in that we support all our programs with trained coaches. Our coaches aspire to develop more than a soccer champion, they develop future leaders that are Creative. Collaborative. Competitive. Committed.

Our Home

Located just outside of the town of Leesburg in scenic Loudoun County. Revolution is located on 37 acres housing 4 turf fields and full service concessions, rooftop bar and pavilion area. Revolution was built with the youth of Loudoun, and surrounding areas in mind. A quality facility and playing surface to meet Northern Virginia's demand.

  • square bulllet Four turf fields
  • square bulllet LED lighting on fields
  • square bulllet Multipurpose covered pavilion area
  • square bulllet Concessions onsite
  • square bulllet Rooftop event space
  • square bulllet Coaches Lounge
  • square bulllet Skybox for hosting corporate events
  • square bulllet Classrooms
  • square bulllet Nearby restaurants
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At Virginia Revolution, our goal is to inspire youth to remain active in sports throughout their teen years and live more healthy, fulfilling and well-rounded lives as a result.


We believe in creating a positive environment for players of all ages and abilities to develop technical skills, critical thinking and interpersonal connections that translate to exemplary actions on and off the soccer field.

Our values



Encouraging players to think outside-of-the-box and on their feet through innovative drills and coaching.



Because each achievement earned means a greater challenge deserved. There is no finish line for progress. We strive to provide each athlete to appropriate competitive level to continuously up their game.



One community working together across teams, programs and the other clubs for the betterment of our players.



Yielding strong results and positive experiences through dedicated coaches, parents and players. Our passion and hard work plays out and pays off on and off the field.


Win The Moment

We win 1v1. Every game, every season, every career succeeds or fails based on decision making one moment at a time. Championship victories come from a series of small wins and strong fundamentals. We foster creative and strategic thinking on and off the field to win each moment.

Progress is Endless

There is no finish line for progress. We measure success in development rather than medals, titles or trophies. With each achievement, we respond with a new challenge.

Program directors

Technical Director

Niko Eckart


Marvin Johnson


Philipp Wank

Director of Boys Coaching, Tournaments & Camps

Julian Lee Chang

Director of Girls Coaching

Janice Johnson

Director of Young Academy

Michael Alvarado

Director of Goalkeeping

Calle Brown


Neil Fowler


Karl Sharman


Jeff Jones


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Virginia Revolution Soccer has been a bright light for my nine year old son. For several reasons, we have never committed him to a full time sports program. As a parent in Loudoun County you can almost feel like your child will be behind in skill sets even at the young age of nine. Most children start before they even head into kindergarten in our area. I knew my son had some skill and desire but I didn’t want to throw him immediately into a competitive environment before he built up some confidence in his ability. Coach Niko was understanding of our situation from day one. Both he and Coach Hans are talented and knowledgeable in both the sport and in coaching. They are firm but flexible and laced with humor, the type of coach every kid should be able to have in their life if they truly love a sport. I feel so lucky to have fumbled upon this great association for my kids. I would recommend this program to anyone. If you want a reasonable practice and game schedule with a supportive group of parents and professionals willing to tap into each child’s talents and individual skill sets, you can rest assured your child will come out with not only more skills but a greater sense of pride and a better grasp of sportsmanship and all the valuable life lessons you can gain from such a great team sport when it pairs with good coaching. My sincerest thank you to Coach Niko and Coach Hans. You have no idea the difference your program has made for our child in such a short amount of time.

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The winter clinic offered through Revolution Soccer has been fantastic. My son’s foot skills are greatly improved, the drills have been exciting for the boys, and off-the-ball movement is noticeable. The balance of teamwork and self awareness has been a tremendous help in creating opportunities for individual and team growth. My son looks forward to every practice to learn and be with his teammates.

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We have two children in the Virginia Revolution soccer club. I can only say positive things about our experience with the coaches and the teams. The coaches are top notch professionals and our kids teammates have become their best friends. In terms of soccer skills, I have seen both of my children improve greatly with each season and clinic (winter/summer). Most importantly, they are always having fun! The coaching staff does a great job keeping the kids engaged and learning new skills. We moved to Revolution when it first started and are proud to see it become the finest club in Loudoun. I highly recommend VA Revolution to anyone who loves soccer as much as we do.

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Great club! Both our boys play for Revolution and love it. All the coaches are professionals, not parents being volun-told to coach. They offer opportunities year round at all levels for player development. This club definitely feels more like a soccer family than a soccer team. We couldn’t be happier we found Virginia Revolution and plan on staying with them as they continue to outpace surrounding clubs.

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