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Unless modified by this set of rules, all games shall be played in accordance with the most current F.I.F.A. rules. All decisions of the referee are final and binding. The Tournament Committee, the Virginia Revolution Soccer Club, and the Virginia Youth Soccer Association will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or part. Any team that cancels their registration for the tournament before acceptances are sent out will receive a full refund if a written notice has been received by the Revolution Cup Tournament Director. Any team that cancels after acceptances have been sent out will not receive any refund of fees under any circumstances. The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament, and the director’s judgment is final. Any team that disregards any decision by the Tournament Committee (including the inclement weather policy) will be automatically dropped from the tournament and forfeit all remaining games. First place awards will be awarded to winners in the U9 through U14 age groups. Runner-up teams in divisions of six or more teams will receive second place awards in the U9 through U14 age groups.


  • Participation in the REVOLUTION CUP is open to accepted teams composed of eighteen (18) or fewer players meeting the age limit of the specified division. U13 and U14 teams can bring a total of eighteen players on their approved roster. Note: U9 and U10 rosters are composed of twelve (12) or fewer players. U11 and U12 rosters are composed of sixteen (16) or fewer players. Players must have been born during, or after, the specified birth year of the age group they are participating in. Each team must be registered and in good standing with their national organization or state soccer association and must present a valid state roster. Player registration cards duly authorized by a team’s sanctioning organization will be required as proof of age. PLAYER PASSES MUST BE PRESENT AT THE FIELD FOR THE DURATION OF EACH GAME.
  • No player shall play for more than one team during the tournament.
  • Players must participate on their primary (or secondary if the primary team is not playing) team if they are registered for the tournament – exception club carded players. Players can participate as secondary carded, if their primary team is not registered in the tournament. Exception: players can participate on another team from within their own association as club carded and not be considered a guest player.
  • All USYSA teams (other than those teams from the East Region) MUST have a copy of the Permission to Travel form approved and signed by a duly authorized State Representative. US Club Soccer teams are not required to present a travel form.


Each team shall have a roster properly stamped by its sanctioning organization present at every game and rosters may be inspected by the field marshal at the request of either coach or on the decision of the referee. Rosters submitted at tournament registration shall govern.

Roster Size

  • U13 to U14 (11 v 11) – 18 players
  • U11 to U12 (9 v 9) – 16 players
  • U9 to U10 (7 v 7) – 12 players